Ketogenic v.s Low-Carb Diets

What’s the difference between a Low-carb diet and the Keto Diet?
A frequently asked question,
I’m on a low-carb diet, the same as a Keto diet
a huge difference!
between a low carb diet where you follow
a low-carb diet and the Keto diet
in a low carb diet, you drop your carb intake significantly
but we don’t drop it enough
to enter a state of Ketosis
the difference, which is a very thin line
between a Keto and Low Carb diet is the amount
of Fat, and the amount of Carbohydrates
people on a low carb diet drop their fats, they don’t increase them
significantly which is what causes them to be constantly
tired and suffer from fogginess
and are not as sharp, which also hinders the sustainability of the plan
as compared to if they raise the fat a little
and dropped their carbs even more
that would let them enter a state of Ketosis which would cause them to have more energy
No cravings for sweets, more clarity
as well as sharpness
at the same time feeling like they can stick on the diet
for a longer period of time
this is what I call the grey area or grey zone
the tiny difference between reaching Ketosis
whilst still being able to stick to the diet plan
for a longer period of time. That’s when you increase
the amount of fat because you’re already dropping the amount of carbs
so the more you drop carbs but don’t increase fat
the diet will not work for you as you wish
this is the difference between a low carb diet such as Atkins
a popular low carb diet
and other low carb diets that are not high in fat
enough as compared to
a Keto diet where you increase the fat, and enter a state of Ketosis immediately
your fat-loss will be speedier but at the same time
your sustainability and commitment to the diet plan
will be longer as you’ll have more energy, will have lowered cravings
you’ll have mental clarity all whilst
losing fat faster than if you followed a regular Low-fat diet
here I have answered what the difference between a low-carb and a Keto diet is